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About Us


Emerging Products Pty Ltd is engaged in importing and distributing gift and small home ware items Australia and worldwide. We also develop our own unique products and designs, many of which are created by CEO and Chief Product Developer, Cindy Barber.


Emerging Products Pty Ltd is the exclusive manufacturer of The Book Seat, an original invention designed by CEO Cindy Barber. We have been successfully selling this unique, patented product throughout Australia from 2004 and since then have expanded to now export The Book Seat to North America, United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, New Caledonia and a number of European nations. 


Emerging Products Pty Ltd and The Book Seat Pty Ltd, licenses distributors outside of Australia to bring the benefits of The Book Seat to readers around the world. Businesses interested in becoming a distributor in markets not currently served by a Book Seat distributor, are invited to express their interest via the 'Contact Us' page of this website.


Here at Emerging Products Pty Ltd we strive and pride ourselves on building and maintaining good relationships with our customers. We welcome all feedback, comments and suggestions about where we can do better and where we have done well. Feedback is encouraged on the quality of our products to complement our own monitoring so that we can ensure we meet the standards of our valued customers.